Some Of The Things We Make

Software that solves complex problems


Healthcare Compliance

HPA™ is an enterprise software application that enables large organizations to easily manage HIPAA privacy compliance

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Medical Diagnostics

Ceeable VFA (CVFA™) is a patented, visual field testing tool that can detect and monitor degenerative eye diseases using only a tablet

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Some Of The ORGANIZATIONS We Work With

Government - Commercial - Defense - Healthcare - Research

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Services We Offer

We occasionally partner with subject matter experts to build great products… here is what we bring

Concept to MVP

Great application ideas are not valuable until they are implemented in a form that can be experienced and validated. A Minimal Viabled Product is the fastest and least costly way to reach the point at which an idea becomes real. MVPs are typically critical in any sales and/or capital funding process. Further, they are a crucial part of the validated learning process used in the evolution of any application. We have built or participated in the development of over 30 MVPs based on a wide variety of application technologies.

Cloud Applications

Microservices is a software architecture style in which complex applications are composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs. We offer microservice and cloud application design in a variety of frameworks, languages, and cloud providers. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare, compliance, finance, instrumentation, infrastructure & transportation industries.

Embedded Hardware Design

Hardware is by its very nature hard to do. We offer full-stack hardware, device, & IoT design and implementation. This includes electrical engineering, firmware development, mechanical design, structural design, and prototyping. We typically focus on microcontroller based systems (Microchip, Atmel) or embedded Linux. All electrical engineering, development services, and pre-production are performed domestically.

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