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New Governance Inc. is the leader in software solutions for HIPAA privacy and records request management. Our solutions are designed to help our clients to simplify compliance and to increase productivity in a cost-effective and consistent manner.

HPA (HIPAA Privacy Accelerator) is the most widely used HIPAA privacy software product available. It currently serves the health privacy compliance needs of over 900 provider, payer, and governmental organizations world-wide. HPA is designed with the challenges and costs of privacy compliance in mind. HPA enables organizations to easily manage their HIPAA privacy compliance requirements and associated costs through the use of its sophisticated HIPAA-specific process automation features, and centralized data management.

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MRA (Medical Records Acceleror) provides hospitals and provider-related organizations with an automated system for medical records tracking, monitoring, mapping, and correspondence management, across both geographically dispersed locations and multiple health information systems. This enables providers to easily fulfill records requests, eliminate inaccuracies in patient records, shorten receivable cycles, improve compliance, and enhance the delivery of patient care. MRA includes all the great features of HPA plus functionality like Receivables and Invoice Management.